Ein Deutsches Requiem

August 22, 2014 at Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall
The Learners Orchestra

La Musica Sacra Italiana

July 31, 2015 at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall

The Learners Orchestra
Hong Kong University Students’ Union Choir
The Hong Kong Children’s Choir Chamber Youth
Wa Ying College Choir

Christmas Sharing – The Voices!

Joint Concert by Cellistra and the Learners Chorus
December 25, 2015 at the Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall

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Mozart Great Mass in C minor

“And now, Mozart!”

Join us at our concert in September as we celebrate the 260th anniversary of the great Mozart’s birth with, among other works, his Great Mass in C minor.

Tickets: $500, $240, $180, $90

Tickets now available at all Urbtix outlets, on Internet, by Mobile Ticketing App and Credit Card Telephone Booking.

Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/205843553149204/

Tickets:  https://ticket.urbtix.hk/internet/zh_TW/eventDetail/29984

Proceeds, after deducting necessary expenses, will be donated to Hong Kong Christian Council‘s “School Building Project in Myanmar”
Vienna Boys Mahler 8

Hong Kong-Vienna Music Festival Finale Concert

The Learners Chorus is delighted to be part of the Hong Kong portion at the Finale Concert of the Hong Kong-Vienna Music Festival, alongside our Music Director Mr. Apollo Wong who will also be one of the soloists!

Event Page:  http://www.festival.vbcmaf.org/

Ticketing:  https://ticket.urbtix.hk/internet/en_US/eventDetail/29822


Feature 20160502 Around the World in 80 Minutes

Around the World in 80 Minutes

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on board Learners Airlines flight no. SJSS-724 with service from Hong Kong to London, on Leonardo’s Flying Machine à la Mr. Eric Whitacre!

The flight, which will be operated by THE LEARNERS CHORUS in co-operation with the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London, will be a journey AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 MINUTES, featuring (a) choral works originating from 13 countries performed by our cabin crew in 9 different languages, and (b) an Italian opera excerpt performed by our non-Italian speaking bass-baritone captain Mr. Apollo Wong. We are also delighted to have Mr. Leonard W. Rose, a non-Cantonese speaking passenger, join us with his performance of a Cantonese opera excerpt.

We are currently 12 weeks away from takeoff and are expected to land at ST JOHN’S SMITH SQUARE on 24 JULY 2016 (SUN) 18:00 GMT. Quickly reserve a seat for the musical tour while tickets last! We wish you all a pleasant journey.

Flight details: https://www.facebook.com/events/593553224136494/

Tickets:  https://www.sjss.org.uk/events/learners-chorus

Feature 20151225 Christmas Sharing

Christmas Sharing – The Voices!

Come hear us as we join forces with Cellistra to make some good music on Christmas Day!

December 25, 2015 (Friday), 4 p.m.
Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall

Tickets: $600, $250*, $180*, $120*

Proceeds, after deducting necessary expenses, will be donated to Anisha A. Hotwani Memorial Fund Limited

Stabat Mater and Stabat Mater

Many of you would certainly be aware that our concert in July features two Stabat Maters – one of Verdi from his Quattro pezzi sacri, and one of Rossini. Here’s a sneak peek of how our two Italian opera masters accentuate the grief of Mother Mary in their respective settings of the Catholic hymn, on the first 1-2 pages of the vocal score: In Rossini’s setting, a dark mood is created by the orchestra’s plaintive opening, and the initial concealment…

Organ or no organ? Verdi’s Te Deum

Absence at the first performance of his works is rare for Verdi, yet at the time his Quattro pezzi sacri (or rather, as the “Ave Maria” was omitted, “tre pezzi sacri”) was scheduled to be premiered at the Paris Opera under the baton of Claude-Paul Taffanel, Verdi suffered a mild stroke and as a result advised by his doctor against the trip. Nevertheless, with the help of Arrigo Boito, librettist for Verdi’s operas “Otello” and “Falstaff”, the composer’s specific instructions…

Cujus animam: the tenor solo’s D flat madness!

Those who are familiar with Rossini operas would no doubt recognize that dotted rhythms, dramatic leggiero/coloratura lines, fast tempos, cadenzas and appoggiaturas, to name a few, are features commonly found in his works. Can you identify any of the above features in Rossini’s “Cujus animam gementem”, an aria for tenor solo from his Stabat Mater which, partly due to it being notoriously difficult to sing, is often performed separately from the other movements of the work as a demonstration of…

Scala Enigmatica – where no notes make any sense?

A scala cromatica (chromatic scale) can sometimes be a nightmare to practise – and we say so as singers ourselves – but wait till you meet the Scala Enigmatica! The scala enigmatica, as its name already suggests, is an unusual musical scale featuring both major, minor and augmented seconds. Invented by Adolfo Crescentini, a professor of music at the Bologna Conservatory, this enigmatic scale was first published in Ricordi’s “Gazzetta musicale di Milano” in 1888 as a challenge for its…

Pairing Rossini with champagne

Rossini was quoted to have once confessed:- “I have only wept three times in my life: the first time when my earliest opera failed, the second time when, with a boating party, a truffled turkey fell into the water, and the third time when I first heard Paganini play.” His gleeful personality might have molded his compositional style – it is quoted that “audiences took his music as if to an intoxicating drug – or, to put it more decorously,…

Non-believer Verdi and his religious music

Do you know that Verdi, as the man behind “Quattro pezzi sacri” (“Four Sacred Pieces”), was in fact not a religious believer himself? He was described by his wife to be “a jewel among honest men… but certainly very little of a believer… I exhaust myself in speaking to him about the marvels of the heavens, the earth, the sea, etc. It’s a waste of breath! He laughs in my face and freezes me in the midst of my oratorical…

The Learners Chorus

The Learners Chorus was founded in 1979 by former members of the Hong Kong University Students’ Union Choir. Our repertoire includes a wide spectrum of choral works, and commissioned works by distinguished Hong Kong composers.

The Chorus regularly holds annual large-scale concerts with its official orchestral partner, The Learners Orchestra, in addition to its other yearly choral concerts of a smaller scale.