July 31, 2015 (Friday), 8 p.m.
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall

Programme Highlight

Stabat Mater (Rossini)
Quattro pezzi sacri (Verdi)


Louise Kwong, Soprano
Sandy Leung, Soprano
Daniel Suk, Tenor
Edmund Kwan, Bass

Guest Performers

Hong Kong University Students’ Union Choir
The Hong Kong Children’s Choir Chamber Youth
Wa Ying College Choir

The Learners Chorus
The Learners Orchestra

Conducted by: Apollo Wong


$500, $240, $180, $90

Proceeds, after deducting necessary expenses, was donated to Hong Kong Christian Council’s “School Building Project in Myanmar

Stabat Mater vs. Stabat Mater

Many of you would certainly be aware that our concert in July features two Stabat Maters – one of Verdi from his Quattro pezzi sacri, and one of Rossini. Here’s a sneak peek of how our two Italian opera masters accentuate the grief of Mother…

When high-C is not enough

Those who are familiar with Rossini operas would no doubt recognize that dotted rhythms, dramatic leggiero/coloratura lines, fast tempos, cadenzas and appoggiaturas, to name a few, are features commonly found in his works. Can you identify…

The Infamous Scala Enigmatica

A scala cromatica (chromatic scale) can sometimes be a nightmare to practise – and we say so as singers ourselves – but wait till you meet the Scala Enigmatica! The scala enigmatica, as its name already suggests, is an unusual musical…

Crossing opera and sacred music

Rossini was quoted to have once confessed:- “I have only wept three times in my life: the first time when my earliest opera failed, the second time when, with a boating party, a truffled turkey fell into the water, and the third time when…

Verdi and religion

Do you know that Verdi, as the man behind “Quattro pezzi sacri” (“Four Sacred Pieces”), was in fact not a religious believer himself? He was described by his wife to be “a jewel among honest men… but certainly very little of a believer……